Artist Process: Angela Abreu Book Interview

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I wanted to switch things up and highlight a powerful, beautiful Latina woman who is creating a local buzz here in the Bronx. I had the awesome opportunity to interview Angela Abreu, writer/poet of her book “I Have No Room for the Broken.” Angela has chosen to express herself in a way that her pain has opened IMG_2584up understanding and the possibility of healing for many women. At the same time, it has allowed her to set her pain free through her poetry and simultaneously through publishing her book.

For years she used writing and poetry as a means of therapy and self-expression to aid her through some tough experiences with love. “I express myself in the moment I feel it …..but I don’t consider myself a performing artist”. Since 2013 she grappled with fears of judgement, negative opinions and especially feedback from her family and overcame it to finally publish the book. As of now, its been very well received and many women are inspired to see the value to choose self-love.

The book serves as a provocative first hand personal reflection to love and heartbreak and she also shares some challenges she has had with her father.  A common obstacle she faced was being “too opinionated” and independent, a common result of conflicting old school latino mentality and her american culture. “But my father, he was disappointed in me. He assumed that my being unmatched was due to my not using my mouth as I should.” [pg. 41]. It is very common for latino women growing up in the U.S. with strong latino roots to struggle to figure out how to live in a society that goes against your cultural upbringing and morals. Especially, when it comes to romantic relationships.

Despite the profound and moving poems in this book, the one thing that strongly stuck out to me is her resilience to continue to share her voice that she continues to take to higher levels. Currently, she is working on a Spanish translation and has some concerns about her family reading the book, including her father. They mostly speak and read only in Spanish and now she is going to challenge that and open herself up to the possibility of both a negative and positive impact.

I wonder if there is an Amber Alert for women who lose themselves in Love.”

I admire her determination to share and inspire both the American and Latino women in such a powerful and vulnerable way. Clearly, the goal isn’t about her, it’s about empowering women to fully love themselves. The book includes a “Survival to do list”, a step by step guide to break up and love yourself in the process. Not only is she inspiring, she is demonstrating a courageous example of self-love by honoring her own voice at the same time. It’s not often that you meet an artist, writer or anyone who is a living embodiment of the example they are making.

On Saturday, March 26th, there will be a dramatic performance based on the book. Tickets are available at Eventbrite. She will have books also available for sale at this event. You can also purchase copies of the book on Amazon or on her website at Don’t miss an opportunity to connect with Angy at her event or miss out on this must have book!

More about Angela Abreu:

Angela “A93928435-C17E-4C52-8821-EA35AAB7420Bngy” Abreu is a Dominican-American mom, activist, organizer, poet, and freelance writer. Angy known for is co-founding Wordat4F, a grass-root traveling bi-lingual open mic series in Washington Heights whose aim is to provide a platform for creative artists from all over NYC to showcase their works in spoken word, poetry, theater and the visual arts.

Angy is a young woman, who is about “activating” her community into making moves for the greater good and creating networks of support for those in most need of it. She is considered a game changer, a move maker and a force to be reckoned with. She believes that if we all join forces we can achieve a greater change.

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