Dress To Impress…Yourself

Hey all! Decided to try out something different and went with a video. Sometimes we need to give ourselves permission to shine! Not to impress anyone or to show off, but just because it feels good. Beauty and style does the body good…be a rock star!!!

I recently celebrated my birthday and I did things a little differently. I didn’t realize the impact it would have on me and everyone could see I was glowing.  I share a little about my experience and how I felt out celebrating.


What you don’t know is, that day it was raining and I planned a rooftop party! Even though I wanted to change my mind and wear jeans instead, I stuck to my vision of seeing myself look like a star. I’m glad I didn’t change clothes. The rain slowed down and it really didn’t make an impact on what I was wearing at all.  It also lifted my spirits when I went to the bathroom and saw how nice it was to see myself in a dress.

In the end it’s not about the dress or the heels or even the makeup. It’s about how you feel as a woman. Too often we don’t get to embrace the fullness of how that feels since we all have busy lives and play many roles day-to-day. We get lost in it all and lose touch with that feeling of beauty, sensuality, and femininity. It’s empowering and inspiring to others.

We actually need to feel beautiful as much as possible. After this experience, I now create that feeling everyday in some way. Whether it’s by wearing a special bracelet I cherish, putting on the fancy perfume,  or wearing a bold lipstick, I try to make myself feel adorned and beautified. It reminds me that I don’t need to wait for anyone else to make me feel special or beautiful. I don’t need a reason or permission.  I don’t need to put a ton of effort into it or make it reach some type of standard. It is whatever makes me shine.

When was the last time you got all glam? Pick a day within this week that you’ll focus on looking fab. Get a few friends to join you! I would love for you to tell me all about it! Send me an email at Sarah@nuvoarts.net or at http://www.facebook.com/nuvoarts


Dressing the Part

I never saw beauty in the mirror. I saw this weird awkward looking girl with a big nose, braces and a long, skinny body. But, I did have some appreciation for myself,  based on my friends, I had an awesome personality. I just couldn’t figure out how to mesh it all together to feel good and like myself enough.

In high school I was very drawn to fashion and design. I was a very creative teen, always experimenting with ideas I read in fashion magazines, creating  fashion designs and sketching fashion models. I wanted to create my image and style to express myself and build my feminine sex appeal. J. Crew, GAP, and Polo were brands I admired and copied. There was something about the classic looks that I felt were sophisticated and a contrast to what I saw on a daily basis in the Bronx, not just the limited variety of t-shirts and sneakers. There was style and intentional choices about accessories and color. It was different, unique, like me.

It became a conscious choice to build a new version of myself. I had assembled my template of looks from various brands, always keeping that “look” in mind when shopping. I figured I could look smart and sophisticated and that would increase my attractiveness. When I landed a job at the GAP, I was in heaven.! The access gave me an understanding of the “GAP Attitude” and I noticed I was “being upgraded or sophisticated”. My choice of words and language, feelings of myself all shifted into knowing that I am unique and I really can do anything I want and be somebody.

The store was on 5th Avenue and I would pass my favorite stores and again found myself adopting new brands to copy. I was constantly pushing myself to feel closer to what I thought those brands were selling. It was poise and confidence I was after. The big loose pants and long skirts I wore to cover up started to disappear as I pushed the envelope and embraced my physique and all I could wear. Should wear. That included mini skirts, fitted tops, shorts and form-fitting dresses and jeans. No longer trapping myself in baggy loose clothing.

Modeling and competing in pageants only further supported me.  I saw myself as sexy with a sassy personality. My doubts about my physical image were still there but I was choosing to shine regardless. If anyone had made negative comments to me, I knew it was their problem not mine. “You’re so skinny” quickly followed with “You’re so fat or annoying”. No longer was I going to allow people’s judgement affect me. Soon enough I increased my confidence and learned to embrace who I was inside and out. It was finally starting to mesh.

My love for fashion, style and clothes stems from how it brought me though a place of uncertainty and doubt to a confident, secure, sophisticated woman. I’m sure there are many women who use clothing to attract attention to feel better about themselves, but I never went down that path. It was more about aspiring to create a version of myself that I knew was there. An image that resembled the woman I was in the world. That vision came with a necessary shift in my thoughts, language, and even mannerisms. I had no idea that adopting an image would call forth the inner desire I had of who I reflected in my being.

Fashion and style is about expressing your true self and showing the world who you are and how unique and beautiful it is.

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